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Entry 3

WhatsApp-Image-201608073This morning I took a stroll through my new home and found a stash of yarn, beautiful cheese yellow.

There are crochet projects, needles, scissors, everywhere. I’m so happy with all these ideas and possibilities.

Practical things first, I need a bag to travel so these humans can take me with them. It has a pocket so I can put a card in there with my new address in case I ever need it or it gets lost. Of course you don’t have to make it exactly the same, make it as nice and funky as you like or keep it nice and simple. I’ll post the pattern some other time.

WhatsApp-Image-201608074     WhatsApp-Image-201608076     WhatsApp-Image-201608078

There, that’s done. It even has room for a blanket or coat for when it gets cold.

Entry 2


Looking for a new place to live, I think I’ve lost my way home.  It is late but the weather is nice,  people are eating and drinking  and are too busy to notice me. I see a handbag on the floor, the lady-owner likes crochet, just like me. A good place to hide and rest for a while.

IMG-20160805-WA0003The lady and the man are laughing. They’ve finished eating and they order coffee, I feel she is lifting the bag,  with me in it. I have to be very quiet.  I landed on top of the table, nobody noticed me, because there is a movie playing. I  might as well watch it and learn about the giant humans around me.

What a lovely evening, to sit outside and watch the movie with so many people together,  must do this again.


IMG-20160805-WA0001Because I don’t stay up late much, I feel a lit the drowsy,   I’m fighting
falling a sleep…but my eyelids are so heavy …..  and the crochet work in the handbag feels so warm and…….zzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzz


Entry 1


I’ve been living in this box for too long. There’s a whole world out there to discover. I’ve placed an ad and you’re welcome to tag along.


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