Looking for a new place to live, I think I’ve lost my way home.  It is late but the weather is nice,  people are eating and drinking  and are too busy to notice me. I see a handbag on the floor, the lady-owner likes crochet, just like me. A good place to hide and rest for a while.

IMG-20160805-WA0003The lady and the man are laughing. They’ve finished eating and they order coffee, I feel she is lifting the bag,  with me in it. I have to be very quiet.  I landed on top of the table, nobody noticed me, because there is a movie playing. I  might as well watch it and learn about the giant humans around me.

What a lovely evening, to sit outside and watch the movie with so many people together,  must do this again.


IMG-20160805-WA0001Because I don’t stay up late much, I feel a lit the drowsy,   I’m fighting
falling a sleep…but my eyelids are so heavy …..  and the crochet work in the handbag feels so warm and…….zzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzz